Illicit Dreams

Illicit Dreams

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MmaroZ By MmaroZ Completed

Katie rushes home after hearing her father is ill. She's been away for years after huge family rifts. She's been happy living in Mexico, married, successful, but coming back to the place she doesn't call home anymore sees EVERYTHING change.

Can she overcome the shocks, betrayals and uprooting to be happy once again?

Another old Buzzle story that's being revamped and brought up to date. Hope you enjoy, and please comment!

slcjnk2008 slcjnk2008 Aug 29, 2017
I know I'm going to love this book.  You always deliver exceptional work.  ---  Shelley
mommapunkin mommapunkin Jun 23, 2017
Immediately married another woman after the death if his wife!....hummmm! It sounds as if he knew her very well (like he knew her really well under the sheets) before the death of his wife.....
MmaroZ MmaroZ Jul 20, 2012
@SamairaTariq Thank  You!  I love writing for such enthusiastic support! :-D
Sapphiresamo Sapphiresamo Jul 20, 2012
@MmaroZ :D Your stories are so addicting... i'm always checking to see if you've uploaded another chapter. I'm totally obsessed with your stories... they are amazing! :D
MmaroZ MmaroZ Jul 20, 2012
@SamairaTariq You are insatiable! Posted on  blog too. Amazing how much you can do on a day off!