Edward's Melody (Seth's love story)

Edward's Melody (Seth's love story)

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This story is based on Breaking Dawn's Part 1 and 2, then I will make my own later on.

           Edward and Isabella Cullen, a couple that is now married and had their honeymoon. On the last day of their honeymoon, they were shocked that Bella who is human could get pregnant from Edward who is a Vampire. Edward worried about Bella being killed by the baby, wants to abort it. Bella denies it and with the help of the other Cullen family, the baby is now safe. Yet, there will be dangers lurking around thinking that the baby is dangerous and will kill them all.

"Did...y-y-you hear that," Edward said in shock laying his head gently on Bella's tummy. Bella confused said she didn't hear anything but Edward heard a tiny voice speaking to him.

"I'm...sorry...daddy....I don't mean...to hurt mommy," The tiny voice whispered and Edward thought it was the most beautiful and musical to his ears. Edward closed his eyes and suddenly thought of a word. A week later, Bella's tummy is now huge ready to be expected but they were shocked again when Carlise check on her saying not only will they have one baby but two, twins to be exact.

"C-C-Can...I be...a good...f-f-father," Edward frown looking down at Bella's body who is now frozen after she got birth to the twins. He heard footsteps from behind to see Rose holding a purple bundle of joy and smile at him.

"Yeah you will," She said passing the baby to him and he was shocked to see the baby stare right back at him. If he was human...Edward's heart would be pounding and he will cry because the child he was  holding was beautiful and she started to cry.

"Shhh...Daddy got you...My Melody," He said and smile liking the name because her cries were like a melody to his ears. How will Melody Cullen's life would be like, read and find out.

*Cover made by @CaptainMax101 *

- Started on May 30, 2014 
- Completed on July 16, 2015

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softpinkmusic softpinkmusic Jun 01, 2014
well I'm 50/50 with this Bella would die 
                              yet if she did the baby would die
                              so I don't know what to think