More stories from the characters in Adventurous Tales.

More stories from the characters in Adventurous Tales.

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Mike Bowley By mikebowleyauthor Updated Mar 10, 2019

My name is Stalin, Yes, I know a weird name for parents to call their firstborn.  
So horse poo or dog poo? Either is a pain in the ass. 

I was strolling around the neighbourhood,  yes I did stand in some dog poop. I had no shoes on. Well, I am a street man and cannot afford them.

Later, to avoid the heat. I hitched a ride on a  truck. The driver had no idea I was there.
 After a short while, I jumped from the back of the trailer and guess what. As my feet felt the ground, I landed in a mass of horse poop.

 I was a little upset. I was only wearing my customary skirt and nothing else.
Did he say a skirt? 

Then to make matters worse, three scrawny mutts arrived and ate the poop. 
I squatted down between a Vets and a cafe,  quietly trying to make sense of it all.

Outside the cafe sat two  Campesinos who could smell the richness of the horse droppings.

The tall one,  "Horseman"  said to his companion "Do you know, no one should step in horse poop. Let alone dog poop. why? Cos there will be more of it."

The shorter and fatter  "Dogman" due to the three dogs at his feet, replied  "I know what you mean. I always  avoid both dog & horse poop."

I silently wish I had done the same. Our canine friends do like to spread it around and reduce the problem. Whereas a horse considers no one.

That probably goes for the riders too. When was the last occasion you witnessed a horse rider dismount with a shovel and a black bag heading in the direction of the horse's rear?

Both men were now in hysterics. Dogman was legendary for being cut short on the ridge is seen with his shorts down behind a bush.

With this, the conversation moved to a more mundane topic called Brexit. I had no idea and no interest in what they were referring to so quietly got up and walked away.

I need to find somewhere to wash. I need to poop. At last, I now know why horse's poop is acceptable and a dog's poop is not.