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Luna's curse

Luna's curse

17.5K Reads 1K Votes 6 Part Story
Miya By XxDarkxAngelxX Completed

(This is a boyxboy)
Luna is a man who was born from a meteor that came from the moon which he soon called his 'father' and his mother was the earth which sustained him in his early years. Knowing that so long as there was a moon in the sky he would survive. Luna has soon become the oldest living being and shows up in folklore and stories that were passed among the generations making him almost God like. The years passed on and soon everyone imagined the great Luna as a girl. Luna did not mind however as he did look like a woman in his own opinion. However in the 21st century Luna's tale had been forgotten and people don't fear or worship him any longer as God. He lives day to day listening to world. However one night as he sits near a lake he heard the laughter of a group of teenagers. They speak of the old tales but twisting them. They make fun of Luna saying that 'she' was a whore that slept with the sun 'God' and would easily spread 'her' legs. This made Luna angry so he stood and cast a dark mist that crossed the lake and to the group. It surrounded the teens and soon captured them, transporting them to a island where Luna would teach them a lesson.

melanesian_pride melanesian_pride May 26, 2016
If this happened to everyone who spread rumours about others, the word would be a peaceful place because people would be learnt their lesson
emmaj369 emmaj369 Sep 11, 2016
Hey what bout that other drunken girl lol she was so wasted she didnt even say anything lol
salena17 salena17 Sep 17, 2014
This is a really good story. I think it would be better if you add another chapter. Just kidding I love the story the way it is. I would really like another chapter though.