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Celestial High Academy (Roleplay)

Celestial High Academy (Roleplay)

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Marie BelleWood By FlawFilledPrincess Updated Aug 12, 2016

|| #963 Fantasy - 10/08/16 ; #366 Fantasy - 13/08/16 ||
      No one likes change. Not everyone that is. But what if you had to? What if you had to adjust to it so your life would be longer? So your family line can continue on? What if everything you knew had to change so it can make your life better?
      Welcome to Celestial High Academy where supernaturals are kept safe and sound. This Academy is like no other - there are no classes; it's a safe haven for the supernaturals if anything.  A mere, normal summer has passed but entering the new 'school year', the supernaturals have been bombarded with unbelievable news - humans are coming and enrolling into the Academy. Being the only school that holds all of the supernaturals, it is the Head's job to make sure her students are safe yet she has to slowly start introduce the concept of supernaturals being in real world to the humans. Come join our Academy and see what will happen. Will the hatred the supernaturals hold against humans dwindle away or strengthen as this project goes on? Will the disgust and horror of abnormalities scare away the humans and as a result, have the project fail miserably? Enrol and see for yourself.

TheStarOfSirius TheStarOfSirius Dec 26, 2016
Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
                              I'm not a fan of him, but I like some songs he makes.
HazardousHasFriends HazardousHasFriends Dec 31, 2016
(Glad I checked the rules before I started on the audition, or else I would've lost a big period of time that I could never get back. Why is it that most roleplays are great, but have dumb rules?!? 😑)
12CassieLo12 12CassieLo12 Dec 20, 2016
Green, cookies and cream, and "Sound of Silence" by Disturbed.
castaris castaris Dec 20, 2016
How To Be A Heartbreaker (Nightcore Version) by Nightcorereality >> she isn't really the artist but she did edit the nightcore.
                              Drop Pop Candy is also a favorite of mine. The one sung by Rin and Luka of Vocaloid.
RetroRed RetroRed Jan 23
Happily Ever After and All About Us by He Is We (( All About Us is a perfect duet with your crush ^*^ )
Lullaby For A Princess by Ponyphonix (I think that's who it's by, forgive me if I'm wrong), and Warrior by Beth Crowley.