Something About You

Something About You

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❝Falling in love was not so hard-or so she thought before falling for someone she wasn't supposed to.❞

                                                               *  *  *
Jannah Abubakar had always loved Zayd Amin Kaura for as long as she can rememeber, to the extent of writing him a love note he never replied to. Content with crushing on him from afar, they meet in university and unexpected circumstances draw them together. 

Zayd, a brooding artist and poet had enough baggage on his head and love wasn't in his agenda. He cages his heart in ice until she came along and thawed his frozen heart. 

What started as a magical university relationship crashed in the most terrible manner for reasons beyond their control, leaving both of them shattered beyond repair. 

They try so hard to move on and five years later, they meet and it's like the first time all over again. The  connection between them is undeniable and moving on is put on hold. 

No one's really ready to try again. After all, things are so much harder the second time around. 

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Warning: n o t e d i t e d!

Contains scenes depicting suicide and possible suicidal triggers. Read at your discretion.

Cover by yours truly.