Howling Heart

Howling Heart

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Howling Heart is the story of a young man who sees his life and his town change all of a sudden from day to night. He will soon discover that Crystal isn't the only mystery... Secrets, dramas, death, dilemmas and insane love. Is he going to survive the truth? Are -they- going to survive the truth ...?
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« The nausea had not left me since this morning. Jonas Lowis had died. Beheaded, body covered with deep wounds and his heart was missing. A murder in Havenswood? No kidding... The only dramas which fed the gossip in our town all came from Spokane, situated some kilometers in the South. Remy entered the room, a beer in hand. He shook his head, as dazed as me.

"It is her," he broke point-blank. "It's the wolf girl."

I glared at him. The rising rumors were each crazier than the last, but the one which made my blood run cold was that of the werewolf. My imagination was already sending me through a scenario of a rustic hunt at the end of which the poor and innocent Crystal was burning on a stake, the breast pierced by two bullets of silver. Fists tightened, I swore to myself to unmask the real culprit. »

Book in English, French translation available at the end

/!\ Livre en Anglais, traduction Française disponible à la fin de la version anglaise.
Traduction de cette première page disponible dans la barre des chapitres /!\

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petroltogo petroltogo Mar 06, 2016
Nice start :) Though isn't burning on a stake more the thing that was done to witches?
Azmavath Azmavath Oct 22, 2015
Very nice, it could use to be a bit longer. But it really gets the brain thinking.
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p Oct 20, 2015
                              Very nice opening, it got my brain going however it could be a little bit longer.
Litterator Litterator Oct 20, 2015
                              Very intense, a bit short but has a magnetising effect and is something that people, including me, would love to read more of.
TryggsTheViking TryggsTheViking Jun 21, 2014
This was really well written. I really thought of a rustic hunt and two bullets of silver, and townsfolk with torches and pitchforks in the woods. It was so cool! The whole paragraph was written well. Keep it up! :)