A Very Personal Entry From My Diary.

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The truth of teen girls --- emotions, thoughts, and all the shallow drama of it.
I too have a diary on wattpad. Yours is pretty cool.
                                    IDK why but this entry reminds me of this meme. It said: My best friend used to be shy and quiet.....I HAVE CREATED A MONSTER!!!!!!!!
Putting this up must have been hard. You're really brave, I wouldn't be able to do something like this, not at all! I think you're really courageous! Don't ever doubt that! ^-^
A diary is a personal and important thing. It helps people remember their worst and best of times. You have much courage, and you probably don't know that.
God, I know how that feels--liking ur close friend. It sucks.
one thing i do not understand is why u put ur diarie on here i have not read yet but just woundering i am not making u feel bad i just do not understand or is just made up like i said i did not read yet just no i am here for u okay nicolehog
Wow I have a diary too but I'm not as brave as youto put on here I kinda wish I did though yur amazin!