Half A Heart | Percy Weasley

Half A Heart | Percy Weasley

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This book is dedicated to my best friend, Rachel, who is a constant reminder that I am a stick in the mud, much like Percy.  

Persephone Arisidia Tate is a fourteen year old girl who is transferring to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Beauxbatons. She is the daughter of deceased Amazon, Arisidia Black {No Relation to the Black family.}, and deceased wizard, Ares Tate, who was in Ravenclaw. She previously lived with an Amazon reserve, and attended Beauxbatons until bullying became too severe, causing her to ask her guardian to switch schools.  Persephone, or 'Seph' as she prefers, is a beautiful girl with long wavy ash blonde hair, and vibrant purple eyes. When she arrives at Hogwarts, she is immediately friends with Cerulea and Rosalie Whyte, twins whom have dyed their hair different colours so you can tell them apart {Cerulea has blue hair- derived from the colour cerulean, Rosalie has vibrant pink hair- derived from the flower, the pink rose.}, and Caleb Evans, a boy with shaggy brown hair, and eyes to match. Seph is one of the tallest in her grade, out of the girls which is hardly a competition, and she's by far one of the palest, but what can she say? She can hardly hold a tan.    Without Seph knowing, her best friends all devise a plan to set her up with none other than Percy Weasley, her apparent self in boy form. Will Seph be able to capture the heart of Mr.Weasley? Will it all be smooth sailing? Well you'll have to find out in 'Half A Heart'.

{Editing Pending as I realized there is another book with a matching character name so I'm going to go through and change the name so as to not offend the other author}

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Am I the only one who thinks that it's ironic the Rosalie has hair the color of pink rose or did you plan it that way
MyOpenSerenity MyOpenSerenity Aug 17, 2016
I like the book, but there's a lot of very unnecessary description
Dalar_Rose Dalar_Rose Mar 04
Is it just a coincidence or did you make it as the Roman counter to Artemis is Diana and she has a group of warriors called the Amazons, where they don't have to give up men, but they have to become a sort of prisoner?
readingkoala05 readingkoala05 Jun 28, 2016
In Greek mythology, the Amazons are a race of woman warriors. I totally would've joined them if I had a chance.
LunaBlossom52 LunaBlossom52 Aug 21, 2016
I love all the Greek names, even if one happens to be a name of one my characters
AelitaNoble AelitaNoble Jun 25, 2016
Same name I gave the owl in my story but she's not a snowy owl