Lily (The Blackwood Wolves Saga, #1)

Lily (The Blackwood Wolves Saga, #1)

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Born of Ancient descent, power and blood, the wolves of the Black Wood came into existence. In this land of Britain, they watched and waited, protecting the land itself and its people. Enemies came and went and these beasts of myth and legend showed themselves, instilling fear and authority. Bred from the mystical power of the Elementals and from the blood of the one true wolf King Boragen, they exist as a reminder of patriotism, of the earth beneath our feet and its importance in the nature of all things.

Over millennia they grew silent, changing with the land and its newcomers, blending in, observing, and continuing to protect what mattered most. Different enemies came but the war of attrition rolled on. Numbers diminished, the pureblood lines disappeared and the wolves found themselves outnumbered.

Society moved on, progress hastened, drug culture ruled and the youth forgot their heritage. Allies have aligned themselves to the pack in the deepening threat of a '...

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