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Things Have Changed ~Dallas Winston x Sodapop Curtis~

Things Have Changed ~Dallas Winston x Sodapop Curtis~

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Adi By bestiefortherestie Updated Feb 18, 2015

The strange thing for Sodapop, was that he seemed to be a magnet for the sexes...
And yes, I did mean plural.
Soda was constantly drawing in females from all corners from the East and the West. He'd be at work, doing his job, and just outside was a swarm of women, both greaser and soc, just waiting for him to come out so they could get a look of his toned, sweating body...
And then he'd come home, and it wasn't any better.
Darry and Ponyboy looked at him, but not in the way Dally eyed him in the evenings. I mean, why else would that boy want Soda to go cause trouble with him, and nobody else? Dall would stare at him from across the lot, from across the yard, room, anywhere Soda was across from him, he'd stare.
And I have to be honest, Soda wasn't any better than Dally. 
In fact, most of the gang was sure Soda purposefully leaned over counter tops, laid back so one leg hung off the couch, exposing his stomach and chest in such a way, Soda's brothers exploded into red blushes, they were sure that he made himself as enticing as possible, just to see how Dally reacted.
Oh how Dally would react...
He'd bite his lip, and his eyes would rove. And Sodapop would smirk suggestively. And yet, even as all of this flirtation was going on, neither of them made a move. Not one.
Dally didn't touch him.
Soda didn't hint that he wanted to be touched.

MayaLeather MayaLeather Jun 19, 2016
Woah! That is actually true. Not once did dally say anything like that to anyone except for soda. You can hear it and you turn up the volume watching the deleted scenes
KittyHans1 KittyHans1 Sep 29, 2016
Did you just take parts of the real book about what happened to Ponyboy and reverse it and add Sodapop instead, cause I remember these parts in the book but with Ponyboy