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Équilibré_labdhi By equilibre_labdhi Updated Jul 03

"I am not one of your fictional characters, with whom you're so in love with," he pins me to the wall and continues in his dangerous tone, "I am not Edward Cullen or Augustus Waters. Neither am I Peeta Mellark, nor that stupid Four," he moves back, slightly. 

It's a long silence, an unbearable one. Just our heartbeats. 

"But I want to be your Jason Keller," he adds in, softly like a whisper. 


Anika Collins has lost both of her parents. Her godfather dies too. Her brother is all she has, and he too is away from her. But even after going through so much, Anika is a strong 19-year-old woman with high hopes and a determined face. 

On the other side, Jason Keller has got everything he ever wanted in life. A big house, a few Maseratis, family and friends. Yet, he is always unsatisfied. But what happens when they collide? Do their pasts snatch away their present? Or does it heal them? 

Find out...