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What If the Tributes had Facebook...?

What If the Tributes had Facebook...?

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SCandGG By SCandGG Updated Jul 29, 2015

What would happen if SCandGG’s Hunger Games characters had Facebooks, you ask? Well, we have an answer for you: it would be weird. We present to you ‘What if the Tributes had Facebook…?’, a comedic fanfiction of our own fanfiction. In order to understand the (weirdness) complexity of the characters, please read ‘Behind Those Violet Eyes,’ the first novel in our Hunger Games fanfiction series. Thank you, and we wish you happy reading!

hungergameslover4812 hungergameslover4812 Apr 30, 2015
Lol everyone's like " not nice!" Or saying rude stuff then peeta's like " i like bread" 
                              Ayayayay. -_-
transp-arent transp-arent Jan 04, 2015
I laughed so hard i snorted, and i only snort when i laugh hars
SCandGG SCandGG Apr 04, 2013
@EverlarkerSwiftie Have you read our original HG book? You'd get the joke more XD
                              It's supposed to be exaggerated XD
                              We hate Peeta XD -GG
TheMockingjay445 TheMockingjay445 Dec 24, 2012
I love how Cato actually DOES start eating people in the second book... LOL "Row your love boat away, maybe it'll sink like the Titanic." These are hilarious. :)
SCandGG SCandGG Dec 09, 2012
@Emma_District2 A lot of the characters in this book (Alia, Cyra, etc) come from our HG fan-fic series "The Violet Wolf Saga" starting with "Behind Those Violet Eyes." (: ~SC
SCandGG SCandGG Nov 02, 2012
@MayaKerslake It's SO MUCH FUN! Haha but yeah the bold thing gets rather annoying o_O -SC