What If the Tributes had Facebook...?

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Marina and Vanna By SCandGG Updated 4 months ago
What would happen if SCandGG's Hunger Games characters had Facebooks...? Well, this is our comedic twist on what we think their statuses, comments, and other posts would be like. In order to understand this fully, you need to read The Violet Wolf Saga, starting with "Behind Those Violet Eyes". Thank you and we hope you enjoy! :) *Written by SCandGG
Lol everyone's like " not nice!" Or saying rude stuff then peeta's like " i like bread" 
                                    Ayayayay. -_-
I laughed so hard i snorted, and i only snort when i laugh hars
I love how Cato actually DOES start eating people in the second book... LOL "Row your love boat away, maybe it'll sink like the Titanic." These are hilarious. :)
this is just fun to read i bet it was fun to right, but you had to keep pacing back from bold  and that
"row you love boat away, maybe it'll sink like the titanic" 
                                    Was I the only one laughing at this part?
Peeta Mellark: I like having fun with bread. :)
                                    JazzyGoMeowOuO: LOL Wait...What kind of bread? And what kind of fun?! 0-O