Let me Love you-Creek

Let me Love you-Creek

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Warning!!! Boy X Boy ahead!!! Dont own these characters!!!!

Craig's pov

  I walk through the school's double doors and sighs. I say hello to my friends as I drag my feet to my locker.

   Once I get my locker open I feel a slap on my back. Smiling at look to my left to see my best friend, Clyde. He has a football in his hands and his bag hanging off his shoulder. He has a big smile on his face which reaches both his ears.

" Hey buddy I see that your happy. What happened last night to make you so happy?" I asks

Clyde says " I got something that I wanted for a while now "

I look at him and start to laugh. Clyde joins into the laughter with me. After I get all my books out of my locker I slam it shut and slap his back.

" Good job." I say

" Did you get any from a guy last night?" Clyde asks

I smile and shake my head at him. Clyde is the only one who knows I'm gay and it shocked me when he accepted it. He puts a hand on my shoulder and he gives me a sad look.

" Thats so sad, Dont w...

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iWuvKirby iWuvKirby Sep 03, 2014
I can just see Tweek twitching
                              ... And walking... And Xc face 
                              ... xc
TheSinningFangirl TheSinningFangirl May 30, 2014
This is amazing!! Lol does Clyde have a crush on Craig?? DRAMA BOMB!!!