Let me Love you-Creek

Let me Love you-Creek

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Warning!!! Boy X Boy ahead!!! Dont own these characters!!!!

Craig's pov

  I walk through the school's double doors and sighs. I say hello to my friends as I drag my feet to my locker.

   Once I get my locker open I feel a slap on my back. Smiling at look to my left to see my best friend, Clyde. He has a football in his hands and his bag hanging off his shoulder. He has a big smile on his face which reaches both his ears.

" Hey buddy I see that your happy. What happened last night to make you so happy?" I asks

Clyde says " I got something that I wanted for a while now "

I look at him and start to laugh. Clyde joins into the laughter with me. After I get all my books out of my locker I slam it shut and slap his back.

" Good job." I say

" Did you get any from a guy last night?" Clyde asks

I smile and shake my head at him. Clyde is the only one who knows I'm gay and it shocked me when he accepted it. He puts a hand on my shoulder and he gives me a sad look.

" Thats so sad, Dont w...

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OoO~ look at tweek being the seme. But lets be serious, we all know he's an uke
"I sit in the back near the window"
                              Wow anime protagonists much
It's so hard to be a fangirl and you can't Fangirl because it's in the middle of the night and you'll get in trouble waking everyone up
FlareyStorm FlareyStorm Mar 25
iWuvKirby iWuvKirby Sep 03, 2014
I can just see Tweek twitching
                              ... And walking... And Xc face 
                              ... xc
TheSinningFangirl TheSinningFangirl May 30, 2014
This is amazing!! Lol does Clyde have a crush on Craig?? DRAMA BOMB!!!