Frozen Grimoire: Nocturnal Silhouette [Series I]

Frozen Grimoire: Nocturnal Silhouette [Series I]

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"If Love Is Universal, No One Can Be Left Out."-Deepak Chopra

Aokigahara (青木ヶ原), also known as the 'Sea Of Trees' (樹海 Jukai) is a forest on the northwestern flank of Japan's Mount Fuji thriving on 30 Square Kilometres (12 Sq Mi) of hardened lava laid down by the last major eruption of the said famous topographic landform within the nation in 864 CE.

This mountain sometimes referred to as the most popular site for suicide in Japan. In 2000's, thousandths of bodies were found in the said location exceeding the previous record of the casualty within the same century which become the birth of the haunted history. While in 2300's, the police stated more than 10,000 people attempted violently hurt themselves within the vicinity monthly of whom different individual completed the act due to variety of conditional matter which indicated the increasing fatality.

Hence, this disaster are also said to have growth during March, the end of the fiscal year in the nation. As of 2345, the most common means of the tragedy inside the region were either hanging or drug overdose which later on have extreme development into the technological manner. In recent years, local officials have stopped publicizing the numbers in hope for the decrease of the incident association with the self-annihilation by the innocent.

However, this universe indeed keep its hidden mystery along the way wherein thousands and millions of questions started to driven the world insane.

What if a small civilization by humanity lurks within the spooky geographic world of the mythical existence?

What if there's a life beneath those homicidal declivitous hidden from the society?

What if this said 'City Of The Dead' let the lively voice of miserable youth to be heard amongst the cosmos?

What if the known creepy and deadly Japanese prefecture save the lives of the lonely progeny?

Behold the tale of an exciting journey by the lost identity.

Frozen Grimoire: Nocturnal Silhouette

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awesomeSTG awesomeSTG 2 days ago
Reminds me of an older version of Killua now... Or maybe El-Elf from Valvrave the Liberator.
awesomeSTG awesomeSTG 2 days ago
He looks so much like a gay fire wizard I fell in love with.