Rules of Hetalia:

Rules of Hetalia:

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MEOW By aph-author Updated Feb 25, 2016

This is basically a list of things to avoid for Hetalians, which I honestly didn't expect to get so many reads. 

I do not own Hetalia (that'd be pretty awesome if I did though.) 

Warning: adult themes, possible violence, slight sexual content, little bit of yaoi implied, and swear words.
But, if you've seen Hetalia I'm sure you're used to it.

yeteneksiz_hayalci yeteneksiz_hayalci Oct 24, 2016
*puts scissors out of nowhere with a creepy face* OKAY THEN I'LL CUT THE CURLS OUT THEN ALL'D BE SOLVED!!! 😈😈😈✂✂✂
echominded echominded Jan 16
Is it weird that I have a curl behind my ear? No? Okay... ;_;
Kodiekun Kodiekun Feb 06
I have lots of curls behind my ear so i understand there pain, lots of people who know about this,,,,,,would try to tound my curls....just for fucks sake it hurts!
dicematsuu dicematsuu Dec 03, 2016
but like.. didn't Feliciano and Romano's curls get stuck once? XD
Wolf_Slashclaw Wolf_Slashclaw Apr 24, 2016
Did you know there are more than 100 types of spaghetti?
                              ...the PASTA-bilities are NOODLE-less! 
                              ... I'm not sorry
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