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Holly Primrose Evans - Lily Evans' twin sister. 

Her wand, 10 3/4 inch, holly sycamore, Thunderbird feather core, swishy and is very best for transfiguration.

Holly was smart like Lily. She went to Hogwarts with Lily that very day she performed her ability to do a non-verbal spell without a wand when she was playing around with Lily and Petunia. She was sassy like Lily, but unlike Lily who is academically proficient, Holly was more of a youthful and prankster. Along with the Marauders, she pulls up pranks and fools around the school. She was bright, friendly, and smart. She is also cunning and playful. Among all the time, she helped James and Sirius with the hair colour changer potion and the fire-cracker candy. 

Holly is also an Animagus. In her fifth year, along with the James, Peter and Sirius, Holly transformed into a mixture of Alaskan Malamute and Yorkshire Terrier. On her 5th year, after her O.W.L exam, she was able to cast her first Patronus charm in a form of Borzoi. Defense Against the Dark Arts, Quidditch, Charms and Potions are the only subjects Holly was better than Lily. Holly was a lot braver and much of a risk taker. She is much of an outspoken person. She once spent a full-week stay at the hospital wing after she accompanied Remus during her furry night. 

Everyone admired her for her bravery. Like her name, Holly Primrose, which means a youthful protector, Holly stood for her name. 

What adventure Lied ahead of her? 
What if she fell for a Gryffindor fellow who was one of her best friends?
What if she had to be in hiding after she found out about Lily and James' death?
What if she had learnt that she had twin Godchildren, Harry James Potter and Cassidy Marion Potter?

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