Creepypastas x female child!  reader

Creepypastas x female child! reader

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Nightfades By Nightfades Updated Sep 06

You are a six year old child, who lives in the creepypasta mansion.

TJs_Books TJs_Books May 26
Me: You live with killers, monsters, people that came from a video game. And you r afraid of something under you bed
                              Y/n: yes
RAKE-ing! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I detect nearly every pun, whether intended or not. >:D
But...I live with...monsters...DAMMIT LJ!!! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!
Electricspikes Electricspikes 7 days ago
I loved red when i was younger so i guess red and black will work
Lizeth_Moon Lizeth_Moon Feb 02
My favorite color is black so my room is always (I say in child voice)DaRk hEHehEHeheHe (I say in creepy voice and giggle insanely)
HeartLessRoseAngel97 HeartLessRoseAngel97 Dec 26, 2015
Girl you live with killers and your afraid of monsters under your bed