Creepypastas x female child!  reader

Creepypastas x female child! reader

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Nightfades By Nightfades Updated Sep 06, 2016

You are a six year old child, who lives in the creepypasta mansion.

TJs_Books TJs_Books May 26, 2016
Me: You live with killers, monsters, people that came from a video game. And you r afraid of something under you bed
                              Y/n: yes
CrackerJack479 CrackerJack479 Aug 19, 2016
RAKE-ing! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I detect nearly every pun, whether intended or not. >:D
Vanessa_and_Rose Vanessa_and_Rose Jul 29, 2016
But...I live with...monsters...DAMMIT LJ!!! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!
Skeleben Skeleben Sep 15, 2016
"Looking into her grey orbs--"
                              No. They are called eyes or irises. Stfu.
-fandom_trash- -fandom_trash- Dec 27, 2016
Jeff:*looks under the bed*
                              Eyeless Jack:hey
                              Jeff:"..."*grabs y/n and leaves*
Electricspikes Electricspikes Nov 29, 2016
I loved red when i was younger so i guess red and black will work