Here at Silver Oak (#2)

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Meghna By Dontcrynow Updated 3 years ago
“Wow I can’t believe we’re in college!”
    “Uh.....maybe because only 17 minutes have passed since we came here?”
    “Yeah I….”
    A voice from the speaker spoke clearly…
    Students of Silver Oak, on behalf of the entire Staff, I’m glad to announce that the boys of One Direction will be completing their college years in the one and only Silver Oak College. We are delighted to have them here and for choosing our college. I’m sure you will all give them warm welcomes. They’ll arrive tomorrow.
    The announcement ended.
    The five of us froze.
This is really good! I think you've got a very good language and you've managed to create a good feeling in this chapter, it's a good start :)
I like where you are headed! You write like Jodi Lynn Anderson, and she has this really unique style. Love it!
I liked this the plot seems different and I also like the interactions between your characters. :)
I think this has started out well, from the other 1D stories i have read, yours sound different to most :) Just a heads up there are some typos in the chapter, :) quick edit will suffice. (dw, it happens to me too XD)
This story is very nice and I am A DIRECTIONER. BUt I don't like fan FICA thiug, but this one was actually  interesting  :) voted love
Nice! I haven't read a lot of these school versions because I'm just not too fond of them, but this seems pretty good actually! Voted! :)