Miraculous Ladybug: A Sudden Situation 2{Completed}✔️

Miraculous Ladybug: A Sudden Situation 2{Completed}✔️

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Marinette's secret is now out to everyone. Everyone including Hawk Moth. Now Hawk Moth is after her, and he will do anything to get ahold of her miraculous.

On the other hand Master Fu has introduced a new girl that would be a new superhero soon, and it also turns out that the girl will be going to their school.

It's a shocking to Alya, though, because she found out that the new girl, Stephanie has a crush on Nino.

New rival!

Will Marinette be able to escape Hawk Moth?

Will the superheroes be able to save Stephanie before she turns into a supervillain?

And will Alya be able to confess her love to Nino before Stephanie beats her to it?


Book One: A Sudden Realization
Book Two: A Sudden Situation
Book Three: A Sudden Return

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