The Lesser Lights

The Lesser Lights

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E.A. Kaizen By EAKaizen Updated 6 days ago

Mental Illness is the first sign of the supernatural trying to get in.

Laila Evans  tries to forget her memories of her Mother and her twin sisters, Rem and Sahar. But these memories are so twisted, it won't let her go. Laila starts to hallucinate. She thinks she is showing signs of schizophrenia, like her Mother, until she is thrusted into a world she can no longer tell fact from fiction.  Standing in the balance of what is normal and what is crazy, she realizes, the line separating the two worlds are as thin as air we breath. 


"Fight! Lucky, Fight it!" he tightens his grip. Laila begins to black out. She jolts awake slightly when she feels a tug at her left ankle. 

"Lucky?" She huffs, her eyes rolling upwards. 

What an ironic nickname. I've never been lucky. My life is a sadistic joke played by an omnipotent god. How lucky is a life full of tragedies? She thinks, as her body stiffens. 

"Lucky! Stay with me!" He pleads with her. 

He is so convincing......

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