The Hand of God

The Hand of God

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Eros Rising By The_Worlds_of_Lira Updated Aug 08

She had been trained to use her body as a weapon of coercion.  She had been told love wasn't an option.  Then she met the prince......and the man who would be her guardian and she realized love and destiny never went hand in hand.

As she lay in the arms of the man destined to protect her and bedded the man who would be her king, she vowed to give her body for the kingdom but not her heart.  

Was there a way to stave off the oncoming darkness  she was destined to prevent?  Or would she lose everything to a man she was never supposed to lose her all to?  

She would have to decide before the runes etched into her skin, or she risked losing her magyck and her sanity as she separated the kingdom of Man and the Kingdom of Eternity. 

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Posted March 2019
Started 4/27/15