The Outcasts

The Outcasts

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Forever...{Gone} By A_Sinful_Wish Updated Dec 31, 2018

This story takes place far away from the world we know has reality. In an alternate universe where everything we call imaginative, everything we write about in fictional books, it's all real.

Magic, pirates, mermaids, fairies, treasure, ADVENTURE, and more

it's all real. it's all there, and ready to be explored.

free for all who believe. and everyone believes.

but like every magical story, there's a darkness in the air, one that wants to suffocate the magic of their world as though it's a candle.

and where darkness thrives, light shines.

and the light will overtake all. Or so the stories normally go...

let it be known, the story of The Outcast has only just began, are you ready?

{This story is pg13, it has minor cussing and a few half graphic deaths. I don't want to put it as mature though because it is meant to be a children's book. }

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