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Secretly Lovely (Jimin Lovestory)

Secretly Lovely (Jimin Lovestory)

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Chuu~ By Pyong_Nuhan Completed

Jimin's next target would be Shin Muwon, the nerdy girl. He already accepted the challenge from his friends in making her his new girlfriend. He will win if she confess that she love him, and everything will end after that. But, Muwon is not that type of girl, easy-going with guys. But, since Jimin is the greatest playboy in his school, he believe that she will finally fallen for him and he willing to do anything no matter what. But, does everything going smoothly as he thinks? Without he knows, he is the one who fall for her own target. Now, what he's gonna do? Admit that he lost or ...

P/S : I'm not good in English. Sorry for my grammar mistakes! Mianhei~

# Cut scene 

Muwon : I want you to stop searching me. (looked away)


I stiffed.


Jimin : Waeyo? Am I disturbing your life? (stared at her)

Muwon : NAE ! We are not friend though. I'm still looking at you as a STRANGER ! (glanced awhile)

Jimin : But I already broke the 'STRANGER' status, remember? 


She turned her face. Our eyes contacted.


Muwon : What do you mean? (asked with wrinkled forehead)

Jimin : My proposal before. You still didn't give me your answer. (smirked)

Muwon : What proposal ? (getting mad)

Jimin : Tchh .. You forget about it too fast. Never mind. I'll said it again. Listen carefully, arasseo?


She stared at my face curiously. I corrected my sit and my eyes met her. I looked deep inside her eyes.

I took a breath and ...


Jimin : Shin Muwon . Please be my girlfriend . (smiled)

GabbyLimGGLL GabbyLimGGLL May 25, 2016
Pfft you don't no what a nerd really is ok I want to tell something in the past I'm a nerd but now I'm not so you better watch out dude...
ducktael ducktael Jun 28, 2016
You should be glad that's not me. No ones ever heard me curse before. When I'm really angry I beat the shiet outta people
ducktael ducktael Jun 28, 2016
It's me just with a pony tail! Paying attention is not my thing.
ferretgain ferretgain Oct 10, 2015
That is me. I literally look like that. I am so proud of myself  right now
namshiat namshiat Sep 14, 2015
rinaerii rinaerii Jan 06, 2015
annyeong~~ c: 
                              the beginning is really interesting XD n gad.. jimin is so conceited here XD hahahhaa gonna read the next chap nowww <3