To New York's Attorney

To New York's Attorney

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"Was his DNA on the weapon?" Silence. "It's his gun right? He'd pulled the trigger right? Was Terrence Gresham's DNA on the weapon?" He ran a hand through his chestnut hair. 

"Maybe you're right, maybe we shouldn't think about Monday, but remember one thing, If Terrence dies for a murder he didn't commit, I will never forgive you."
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Ten years ago, he'd been arrested for murder.

Ten years later and she was the only person who could save his case. 

  Christina Gresham is officially in Lawyers' hell. Just when she thought she'd escaped the past, it found her. That same ugly past that believed her father murdered her twin brother.

  Everyone makes bad decisions, Christina Gresham's worst just happens to go by the name of Barron Harrington, the gorgeous storm grey-eyed detective that's determined to accost her father for the murder of a well-known author and economist.

Christina would die before she lets her sixty-something-year-old father serve time for a murder he didn't commit. That doesn't mean she's willing to put an end to the hot and sizzling nights with the head of the NYPD task force.

Falling for the enemy has never been so deliciously complicated in this standalone romance where a sexy attorney meets her unexpected match! 
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Cover Credit: Nenny May
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