Star Wars: Ashes of War

Star Wars: Ashes of War

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Ryan Davis By Xerilious_Black Updated Jan 12, 2019

During the Early Years of the Great Galactic war, The Republic was being badly beaten by the Sith Empire. But it all changed once the Battle of Alderaan was won in the the Republic's favor. Now the war continues on.  A balancing scale that constantly changes sides. And only time will tell who the victor shall be.

(Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction and non of it is canon except to me, unless of course you like it enough to share the same opinion)

AN:  A few things before you get into this.

Firstly if you have never read my works before then some of these won't matter but go ahead and have a look any way

secondly this is my 3rd attempt at a star wars story of my own in the SWTOR era with my own twists and choices and what not.(the previous attempts were either completed but i disliked them as my writing skills improved(the first attempt) or i planned them out and lost interest (second attempt)

Thirdly, the Main protagonist in here is called Rohlan Darkblade(he is what the original Ryan Davis (fictional character not myself obviously) was but highly edited so they still share similar origins, race, and appearence. So those of you who don't know i suppose since i don't really put in character sheets he's a Mandalorian Jedi Knight from Alderaan(those scratching their heads his father was a Mandolorian force sensitive who had a relationship with a noble he was charged with protecting)Blue eyes white skin brown hair you get the gist.

Fourthly I intend to keep up with this if you're interested or see something i need to fix let me know i'd appreciate the feedback

and finally if you are sick and tired of reading this and i lost you two or three things ago thanks for taking the time to read it all