Finding Color - a Percico AU (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Finding Color - a Percico AU (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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ha you'll never know By awkwardnarturtle Updated Feb 18

It feels like I've lived my life up until now in a monochrome. And I didn't mind. 

Until I realized that maybe there's more to the world than blacks and grays and fathers that don't know how to be parents and kids who don't understand who you are. So I'm starting new, and I'm looking for colors. 

And I get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I can share the colors I find with someone else so that their world can be just as vivid and bright as mine is sure to be.

(Super duper under construction. The new three chapters is now published! The originals are still up if anyone wants to read them - they're after the rewritten chapters)

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FeyrhysNicercy5ever FeyrhysNicercy5ever Aug 20, 2017
Oh! Awkwardnarturtle! I think I've read something else by you.... anyway, great first chapter!
Duchess0228 Duchess0228 Aug 22, 2017
This sounds like it's going to be great! First of all, same, Nico. I feel ya on the blind thing. Secondly, this is set up to be spectacular! Can't wait for the next chapter! WOOT