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A Little Less Lonely Now (boy)²

A Little Less Lonely Now (boy)²

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peachy By blueberrried Completed

"As if being shoved into a locker wasn't the worst thing that's happened, I have just been shoved into the oldest, moldiest, smelliest locker in the whole school. The only beams of light comes through the three horizontal lines at the top of the locker, and all they did was show me how much dust had been aroused when I was thrown in this nasty high school locker. Great, now my asthma is going to act up. I lost my glasses at the bottom of this disgusting locker, and this is one of the rare time I was glad I was small enough to crouch down in this tiny space to retrieve them.                                                  Wait a minute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           What in the world is digging into my back?                                                                                                                                                                         Usually all the books are torn out by the stupid jocks so that they can just squish me in more. I guess they missed one.                                                         Oh well. It's not like this little detail matters. They are just going to throw me in another locker if I ask.                                                                                Now the real question is,                                                                                                                                                                                                          How am I getting out of here?"

PoisonedAppless PoisonedAppless Oct 07, 2016
I have an actual theory that hot people where birthed from the sun, that's why it's so hard to look at them for so long
awsm14 awsm14 Dec 07, 2016
I have been watching to much Hetalia, if all I imagine is him presenting Ludwig. Like "Ok, everyone this is Ludwig aka Germany aka Lord Doitsu. He's extremely gay, especially for Italians and has a brother named Gilbert who lives in Canada!"
FallingMagician FallingMagician Jun 08, 2016
I just wanna say I'm already enjoying this and I apologize for not voting. Wattpad is acting up and saying I've voted to much so I can vote.
KiddieQueer KiddieQueer Dec 30, 2016
I don't like how they base MOST OF your grade on a test, even if you get mostly all A's, if you fail a test your grade plummets and it's the stupidest thing
Like I do okay on tests but I always psych my self out when taking them
ItsanAlias ItsanAlias Sep 25, 2016
It's a commonly used phrase. Not a sports reference, for gods sakes simon. 
                              But I'm feeling this book is gonna be more dope than the Russian Olympics team! *badum tss*