[KaiSoo Fanfic] That Should Be Me..

[KaiSoo Fanfic] That Should Be Me..

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Kim Taeoh Asher By chibimosh28 Updated Jun 17, 2016

" You will NEVER know the worth of a person, until that person left you"

This is what happened to me.

To us.

Now i will do whatever it takes to take you back...

My Kyungie..

A KaiSoo x ChanSoo x BaekKai x BaekYeol story.. 

Hope you will enjoy ! :)

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  • pg-13
aestheticallytaegi1 aestheticallytaegi1 Jun 08, 2017
*Spits coffee out* What the hell??!! You made me spit my coffe
lucerotp lucerotp Jun 18, 2018
Why?! My little puppy...why did you take Kai? Since when?! Lmao is it weird that Baekai has been my first ships since I started to like Exo and now I still ship them...and wtf...I’m shipping many boys together.
cutiepop407 cutiepop407 Jun 11, 2016
God  I thought I was going to like this Book but nooo hunhan had to come
SnoopySoo SnoopySoo Oct 21, 2016
Bish shut the fuk up
                              No one
                              I repeat
                              NO ONE
                              TALKS TO MY PORORO DAT WAY
Namaeyi Namaeyi Jun 18, 2016
U should fix your issues little boyyy !! They aint right !! You don't talk to my Soo like that !!''
saltynoodles saltynoodles Jul 07, 2016
Tf get back in ur lane jongin and run back to chanyeol baek😂