Caraphernelia ((kellic))

Caraphernelia ((kellic))

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Victoria By vicsknees Completed

Hey guys, little author's note thingy. So, this is my first kellic (and first story on Wattpad) so bear with me. I hope to get reads but, even if I don't, I will still continue. So, start the reading peoples. Author out.       

~Victoria .-.


Vic's POV ~flashback 4 years ago~

"Hey Viccypoo. We get to meet that new band today. Remember, Sleeping With Sirens." my annoying little brother, Mike, whispers in my ear, poking my sleeping body as he speaks.

"I know. Now get out of my bunk." I groan, not really wanting to wake up. I watch with my one open eye as he climbs out, padding to the front of the RV. The band still wasn't popular enough to get an actual bus.

Eventually, after five gruelling minutes, I kick the covers off of my small body and climb out of my bunk, careful not to hit my head on the ceiling. Digging through my suitcase, I pull out a pink t-shirt & jeans, cut-off just below the knees. Half awake, I dra...

VicTopsKellin2k69 VicTopsKellin2k69 Apr 25, 2016
Kellin, both of you are as straight as the curl in Donald Trumps hair
Mello4 Mello4 Oct 30, 2016
You called him Kells twice when you first met him, the question is, how didn't they point it out sooner?
notalexa666 notalexa666 Aug 18, 2016
is this gonna play out like that one Bryan Stars interview with ptv and then the camera man like turns the camera to Kellin outside the door and then they end up calling Kellin in bc if so im gonna scream