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Battle Scars (destiel AU)

Battle Scars (destiel AU)

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Addax By daffodildestiel Completed

Castiel Novak moves to Sioux Falls in the fall of 2014 from Britain after the death of his parents. School life is hard for Castiel and on top of that he is diagnosed with severe clinical depression and doctors are convinced it's because of his parents passing-it's not.  His entire life is falling apart. Little does Castiel know Dean Winchester will be there to pick up the pieces.     

i have depression but i dont cut. i dont really understand why people cut anyway, but i dont really understand people at all.
How is a school chair too big for your body
                              I'm permanently 5' and never had an issue lmao
how tf would they know they all fúcking stalkers or some shít
I kind of hate when this happens to some of the well liked characters like Benny, Crowley, Lucifer like use people like Raphael, Zachariah, etc
Alot of different types and bands that I only listen to a few songs of each unless it's me filling the silence and actually trying to binge listen
I love Gave. Gave is my favorite character 😩😩👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼