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A Side of Mr. Player

A Side of Mr. Player

1.6M Reads 38.6K Votes 12 Part Story
Gabby Wood By gabbyguru202 Updated Apr 19, 2016

To help out her newly divorced and struggling mom, Bryn Bradley gets a job at a local pizza place. Little did she know that her boss's son was no other than Collin Landry, her schools biggest bad boy. Collin has hooked up with every waitress and makes it a game when he's turned down by Her. Bryn wishes she would have known this certain Player would be on the menu, before she signed up for this.

blackalphas blackalphas Jun 26, 2016
I wish it was that easy I've been doing applications all summer
JulietIsHiding78 JulietIsHiding78 Jun 16, 2016
@vicctorria It depends where. Where I live, minimum wage is still $7.50
icegirl_amy icegirl_amy May 29, 2016
I was born in Marietta!!! Omg!! It's actually kind of a big city it's like right outside Atlanta. Lol
CallMeAbby1520 CallMeAbby1520 Nov 29, 2016
Oh my God. my mom does the same thing to me all the time and I'm just like what the heck it's my arm
Green_Ball_Monster Green_Ball_Monster Dec 29, 2016
I will never have this problem because I'm 15 and 5'2 😗😗
muoods muoods Sep 12, 2016
When the school druggie at my school is named Bryn😂😂😅