Laws of Lust

Laws of Lust

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O D Marie By LivAndLove Updated Feb 15

"So here are the rules. Rule #1: Nobody knows. Not our friends, classmates, family, no one. Rule #2: No feelings. No jealousy, no fights, no love."

Levi Chase doesn't get into relationships. Even when he does, they don't last long. He's the impulsive troublemaker in his small town and along with that title comes expectations. He is expected to be the daring one, the badass who just doesn't care. He's also expected to go through girls like a deck of cards. These expectations are usually easy for him until Olivia Daley gets put in the mix.

Olivia has expectations of her own to fulfill. Good grades are just one of the many. She's also expected to always be the #1 athlete and keep her reputation squeaky clean. On top of school and sports, she also has her few good friends and social life - or lack thereof - to balance. These goals set for her are just as easy to fulfill as Levi's are for him. Until suddenly, they're not.

When their world's collide in what starts out as a "no strings attached" relationship kept on the DL, the rules that were set for the pair get hazy. The lines of the strings start to blur and passion and lust turn into much more.

Because, let's be real, are strings ever really unattached?

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hayward001 hayward001 Jul 22
Once I saw the ending line " Because, let's be real, are strings ever really unattached." I knew that it already made my day.
                              I am also seriously in love with the title.
                              HAVE TO READ THE BOOK NOW, SO EXCITED.
Honestly I am never understanding how y'all Americans can take whatever course whenever
lolasherman lolasherman Jun 26
I hate hate hate when teachers do this bc it makes me do way worse (and I don't get extra time or anything either) and to add to that also it's super awkward when the teacher says in front of the other student "sorry to put you with ___" because then they're just rude to you the whole time
lilreader79 lilreader79 Jul 30
lol all my teachers
                              i was so lucky to have gone to a great and rigorous hs with amazing teachers that prepped me for college this year, and even luckier to have graduated and be done lol
Oh come on seriously? I'm sitting here wanting to learn french from a real human being (and not just through my phone) and you're complaining?! You're so lucky. I really want to be multilingual
-KayG- -KayG- Nov 19, 2016
IS THIS BOOK HUSH HUSH OR WHAT. First Nora, now the nickname Angel. IM DED