Parallel: United Front

Parallel: United Front

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Renoe Kisaragi By Renoe_K Updated 2 days ago

WARNING: Make sure you've read Parallel VOL. 1 & 2 (May contain SPOILERS)

A strange message/challenge is sent out to the entire world from the enigmatic CEO of Genaco Entertainment. This challenge forces government agents worldwide to send agents into a recently released game to retrieve certain items.

Dayle Butcher, Nina Raines and Arthur Yount enter this world lauded as the best agents in the entire world. But soon they learn that means squat in the kill-throat world of MMORPG's. These agents must learn the strength and weaknesses of Individuality and Unity if they are to complete their mission.

Cover by: WonderlandRage

juvensc juvensc Nov 25, 2015
Already skipped the 1th volume. Didn't know it's the 2nd I was reading, bt after finishing it, I was aware of that fact
AunAsi AunAsi Oct 01, 2015
Just finished Vol.1 and Vol.2 . I basically ignored life to do it.  Your book is on a next level dude.
bumpkin716 bumpkin716 Sep 22, 2015
I wonder if they put the project with Kashi and parallel in the game as one of the classified documents
jayhalden jayhalden Sep 22, 2015
Now I might be mistaken... but isnt the Destroyer from LNE aka Raz? I dunno... but thats what I instantly thought... unless it has another meaning in UF... so much awesome! Can't wait!
PsychFangirl4ever PsychFangirl4ever Sep 22, 2015
This sounds like it's gonna be a real challenge. I hope they are up to it.
Alexstraza3105 Alexstraza3105 Sep 22, 2015
Jia you, gambate, all the best and good luck when you are writing this book!