The Blood Huntress

The Blood Huntress

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ChasseurDeLuna By ChasseurDeLuna Updated Feb 13

What if Beorn wasn't the last of his race what if there was one other that escaped captivity also. What would happen if one of them join a band of 13 dwarves one hobbit and one wizard?

     The Bloody Huntress is what she was called by many after the war, but after no one hears from her or her people after centuries people began to forget. Soon her name along with her people's name became legends or old tales that they would use to get children to calm down. 

   After years of solitude a man in gray finds her yet again surrounded by the bodies of orc's. 
"It would seem you have not become rusty in your old age... Huntress" 

   The figure turns and looks at him golden eyes almost glowing. "What is it you want." 

  "I want you to join me on a quest." At these the one he called Huntress smiled with excitement. 

          "When do we start..."

I do not own the Hobbit or any of Tolkien's characters. I only own the Bloody Huntress and her family.