Mermaid Island

Mermaid Island

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Melissa By tall_girl Completed

On a secluded island, which is absent on every map, lives the creature which harbours many a sailor's stories and songs; Mermaids. 

But unlike other mermaids, Ariya swims towards, rather than away, from humans.

She even spends her nights at their local harbours and ports, listening and watching these strange creatures. 

So when three injured sailors wash up on her shore, Ariya is nothing but curious. 

But what will the arrival of these humans on their sacred island spell for their future?

Aryia doesn't know it yet but her 'tail' is about to begin. Above water.

  • humans
  • island
  • mermaid
  • merman
  • pirates
  • sailors
  • ship
It probably doesn't help that I watched Titanic just a little bit ago.
The Island in this book kind of reminds me of the island in my book which I’m currently working on called “The Island Girl”
Flyhigh_820 Flyhigh_820 Dec 26, 2017
My last name is Harris and some of my friends call me by my last name so reading it like this and reading a book where a person's name is Harris is kinda weird lol.
AlaynaRodriguez2 AlaynaRodriguez2 Jul 01, 2017
Hey, I just wrote a new mermaid fantasy story and would love if you'd check it out ❤️ thanks.
dementialove dementialove Jul 03, 2016
Swords are better,  not guns. 
                              Guns are cool,  but with a sword... 
                              You can do it manually. 
Co_x415 Co_x415 Jul 15, 2016
Ok seriously that is the sixth sentence she started with Thierry