I Got A Thang For Ya ( Urban Fiction )

I Got A Thang For Ya ( Urban Fiction )

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Kealah Is a 17 year old runaway. She wasn't always a homeless child. But one day, after her mother leaves for work, her mother's boyfriend tries to rape her. She vowed that she would never trust anyone else.

Shawn Richardson is a 22 year old Street capitalist. Meaning he sells drugs. He's in a gang, smokes heavy, and doesn't believe in love. Being betrayed more times than a little bit. He believes in one thing...Getting any and everything he wants.

What happens when these two cross paths?

Will she end up hooked on drugs or hooked on him?

It's always the two snakes Tht introduce themselves in the beginning 😒💀
queen_mikaela queen_mikaela Dec 20, 2015
She got raped by a girl lmao with a dildo still in her pussy its sad and funny I
nicole2768 nicole2768 Nov 30, 2015
sad  hoes these days gotta rape people to feel powerful #nolifeasshoes
ImABoss81 ImABoss81 Jul 11, 2015
I can only imagine he just might turn out to be a woman's beater and a cheater. He is a wanna be thug right