The Chemistry of Loving You (boyxboy)

The Chemistry of Loving You (boyxboy)

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Rex Evans ^_^ By greatwizard14 Completed

I am the famous and great… Luke Fayne Lewis. Well, if your definition of "famous" means you’re the center of attention everyday because the popular and homophobic jock Xander Smith is always making fun of me then you'll be correct . So yeah, Xander! What a stupid name but it suits his personality really well. He’s been my mortal enemy since freshman year after I came out and has made my high school life like a living hell, literally. He is the most dumb close minded person I've ever met. He's filthy rich and his family is influential. I'm not afraid of what he can do to me anymore and I'm not just going to let him pick on me this time.

However, his bestfriend Ethan Wright is hotter, wiser and a perfect boyfriend material. His kindness towards everyone is just a big bonus. Even though I can’t wait to graduate and leave this school then move on to college, this is my last year, my last chance to have my first boyfriend and make my move on Ethan.

I promise he will be my man and that my evil plan won’t fail me.

yasholovescats yasholovescats Jul 23, 2016
Finally someone who also randomly bursts out in evil laughter!
chrisalberts chrisalberts Feb 25, 2016
Let's see where the story us brings. Looks an interesting one.
LuiCyan_r LuiCyan_r Jun 04, 2016
Just reading the cast names got me already hook. Damn, u got some crazy mad skill.
kemonchapman3333 kemonchapman3333 Sep 20, 2016
When your not used to seeing this much of Lukes personality because you read the second boom first 😅
troyecavann troyecavann Nov 06, 2016
i think this is the book i've been looking for months. UGHHHH
sachinip95 sachinip95 Dec 02, 2016
I read lot of books in wattpad but this book have the best start I loved it