Sarah - The Unspoilt Dream of Hrithik

Sarah - The Unspoilt Dream of Hrithik

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AFRATH NAWAZ By AfrathNawaz Updated Mar 28

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Hello Everyone,
Here Comes My first story in Wattpadd "Sarah-The Unspoilt Dream of Hrithik"
By Afrath Nawaz.
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This story "Sarah"has been in my eyes since the days of yore but found no time to ink via Wattpadd due to schedules, classes and Exams.As the Cool December is dawn and vacation mode is activated here clock ticks my side to publish my first story through wattpadd.

I urge that Sarah and Meethy together with Hrithik would be a part of your home and heart from today 11th December 2018.

Hope you guys and girls gonna fall in love madly with Sarah,Hrithik and Meethy.
I guess this would touch the grounds of happiness and sadness together with mystery and grief-stricken episodes of life.

Being the author of this story,I hope you guys and girls would keep Supporting and loving this story the immense.Fair comments are always welcomed...

Keep up loving❤️

It's Me Yours
Ever Loving