So, Who Am I? (A Mortal instruments Fanfiction)

So, Who Am I? (A Mortal instruments Fanfiction)

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° Rai ° By Shattered-Wings Completed

(proceed with caution, I don't like this story. If you do, go ahead) 

Raven Tayler, is a 18 year old girl who's a normal everyday Mundane.
One night, when she's out on her best friends birthday, she meets someone she never thought she'd would. The Warlock Magnus Bane, and he knows a secret she's been hiding for eight years...

Started: November 2nd 2014
Finished: August 19th 2014

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HaleyCipher HaleyCipher Jul 10, 2017
I am just going to ignore the cast.. I imagine them as the ones from the show.
                              I love Evan Peters as Sebastian though. 💜
Avenger_thewarrior Avenger_thewarrior Nov 25, 2017
😂😂😂 Magnus buddy your getting a little on the stalkerish side my friend 😂
delreywitch delreywitch Nov 24, 2016
I love it how you say at the description "don't read" but once you see the views, votes, comments you know you made it
Hobis_Airplane Hobis_Airplane Jul 15, 2015
fandom-madi fandom-madi Jan 04, 2015
I finished damaged and I look on your account and I loved all your descriptions of your stories so now my whole library is literally all of your stories. Not even joking.
_-Calypso-_ _-Calypso-_ Sep 29, 2014
When I saw the title "Who am I?" My mind immediately went to Les Miserables so I was like: JEAN VAL JEAAAAN!