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Gail Runschke By gailrunschke Updated May 28, 2014



When I came home from school

I knew something was wrong.

He is happy as a rule

But I could tell all along

Something bad had made him

So awfully upset.

What possibly could it

Be, bothering my pet?

I went straight to my room.

'Twas then I did assume

That he just wasn't well.


We'd been together long

And I could always tell

If anything was wrong.

He followed me around

Like a little, lost dog,

His eyes fixed on the ground

Snorting just like a hog.

His eyes did look so sad.

They made me feel too bad.

A tear rolled down his cheek.


It was then I did seek

To see if I could help

But he let out a yelp

So I patted his head

And I put him to bed

Without giving him food

While in such a sad mood.

He never looked like this

So something was amiss.

He was restless all night.

I gave him a big kiss.

On his nose, not his lips.

Was it nightmares or fright?

Something just wasn't right.

I would check in the morn,

Perhaps before the dawn.


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