Li Jin Qing: The one behind it all

Li Jin Qing: The one behind it all

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The Emperor of Wei is often described as  heavenly being, unable to make any fault.

He is the gods from the celestial stories, many speak of his birth many years ago.

The sun peeked from the snowing clouds to catch a glimpse of his face. Birds sung and flowers bloomed, all animals in the world bowed down as he took his first breath.

He is known as the legendary emperor. 
The one who has lead the kingdom through battles and conflicts, floods and droughts. The one who has kept his kingdom fed and happy despite a war waging outside their city walls.
Ladies across the land dream of being his wife.

He had just three wives, but many children. Each special and talented in their own way. Every single one of them captured the hearts of aristocrats and civilians alike.
Five male
Two female.

With a legion of advisors, he is the wisest of all men in the world.

I am the second eldest daughter of the closest advisor to the emperor.
The third child of the entire family.
I am also the only  illegitimate one.
I am my father's favorite.

I am the one who got him fame, the one behind it all.

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