Being Gorgeous (Being #1) rough draft, slowly being re-written. Warning-Many mistakes

Being Gorgeous (Being #1) rough draft, slowly being re-written. Warning-Many mistakes

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Avery Willow thinks she's ugly... How could she not? When she has two siblings with undeniable beauty, Ones the Queen Bee of the school and the others the typical Football jock. Everything about Avery is plain if not hideous- well according to her horrible classmates who seem to get a thrill out of tormenting her daily. 

So how could life get any worse?

Avery's about to see not everybody is who they seem. When a mysterious hit and run threatens her life...

 Her whole world is turned upside down. Avery becomes the impossible, utterly and completely gorgeous. 
Now she's faced with threats coming at all sides and she can't trust anyone. Not even the closest people in her life, someone out there wants revenge and Avery isn't about to take any chances.

 Especially when her family holds a terrible secret, one that will destroy everything she ever knew about herself and her family.Will she cope with what her future brings her or will she let the burden of the secret destroy her?

Beautiful new book cover by the lovely : @whimsical

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BookMaker00 BookMaker00 Jul 31, 2017
and don't forget to try my new book un wanted my first book really.
BookMaker00 BookMaker00 Jul 31, 2017
Siblings act mean to each other in life, I know cause got 3. But this sibling act to each like enemies. Oh and for the author just copy your work and paste it in Grammarly it'll auto correct it for you.
hkaykay hkaykay Apr 06, 2016
Hey! Avery! We can revenge on our sisters together! 😂😂
breaker99 breaker99 Dec 22, 2015
Oh wow Blair does sound awful and to do that to your sister is cruel. For some reason I'm drawn to this story but really whats going to happen next to Avery. My heart is going out to her with how she is being bullied.
DysthymicOrNah DysthymicOrNah Aug 29, 2015
Wattpad is turning me into a softy, because I literally teared up on those comments.
SoFlyLikeADove SoFlyLikeADove Apr 02, 2015
That's why I'm so glad my Sister is 4 yrs older than I! we never had that problem. Shame on her sister for being a selfish tart! You never go after your sister crush, doesn't matter the circumstances! Its a sister code thing, commoh!