Beautifully Red

Beautifully Red

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Alison "Ali" Evans, a 19 years old girl who has a beautiful red hair. Lots of people envy her also because of her outstanding beautiful face but despite of that people despises her a lot because of the different colour of hair. Being hated she learned how to fight, use swords and do what a man can do. 

But when one of the feared pirates came to her hometown looking for some clues for a lost treasure, the fearsome yet incredibly handsome Captain named Kaden James have taken an interest on her. 

and as their adventure in the open sea starts secrets will be told, questions will be answered, treasures will be found, true self will be revealed, problems will arise, enemies will show and love will conquer all.  

What will Ali do?

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haha, that's weird, i'm a redhead, (not quite her colour) and i also have a birthmark that's oddly shaped, it's on the side of my neck and everyone always points it out, it kind of looks like a "h" which is funny cause my last name starts with h
Oh my god! My hair is exactly like that! Completely natural aswell! Finally someone like me (even if it's a fictional character) 😀😀😀
Really Bob out of all the names Bob is the name of a pirate well you can't have everything
Act like a wha-what?
                              A la....
                              A lady? And a sword is what makes you a man, right?
                              Somebody hold my earrings, I lost my pitchfork in the comment section of my last historical fiction book.