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Midnight Pick Pocketing

Midnight Pick Pocketing

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Kassidy and Taffy and FLAAPPY! (Cocoa)! By ChocolateKookieBells Updated May 15, 2011

I steal from the poor. For survival. To help my family and I. I don't have a choice. But to live on like this. To live the life of stealing.

ChocolateKookieBells ChocolateKookieBells Sep 21, 2012
                              Aw thanks!! Ahaha I wrote this sooo long ago
Snatchy Snatchy Jun 14, 2012
haha nice! At first I was like 'what! thats not even possible!?' hahaa
ChocolateKookieBells ChocolateKookieBells Jun 14, 2012
                              Yay first comment award goes to you! :)
                              HAha woohoo!
                              That would be..hmm-taps chin- Well ;) if you want him to be  her fath- Lolol noo jk
                              I just- D: I wokred so hard on it and when i left to get a cookie BAAAM its gone D: I bet it was my fishies!
                              Haha thanks a bunch!!
kamilot kamilot Jun 13, 2012
I like this, welll what i've read so far anyway. The way you describealing the bag was cool and action packed, and I have a feeeling i'm going to be liking this a lot.
xxkathyxx xxkathyxx Jun 13, 2012
Cool. your concept or story idea is...nice! What I really like is how this is written. So readable and interesting usage of words. Good job:P
genevievee genevievee Jun 13, 2012
I'm curious. Why did the narrator steal the purse? Is it like a present day Robin Hood or is it just becuz she's poor?