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H. D. Harris By Hdharris Updated 3 years ago
An ancient dragon nears the end of hope after ten thousand years of slavery at the hands of elves. After her latest master dies, she prepares to receive a new master, expecting yet another in a long line of cruel owners. However, she soon realizes that her new master is like none she has known before.
Holy crap, turn this into a full novel and I will gladly buy it.
You have to write a book! I know of at least 20 people that would buy this book on the day it came out.
Because the whole story can play out instead of a MASSIVE cliffhanger it sucks I hate cliffhangers and this is really good so 160 pages makes it last longer and all the questions can be answered
Awesome I enjoyed reading this story but I am not going to complain its to short but simply encourage you to continue, to be honest there were some high points and low where I was yearning for more but with your strong use of imagery made my reading worth while.
13 PAGES IS FINISHED!?!?!?!?! NO!!! Keep going a book is not finished until atleast 160 pages yuu have to keep writing:D
Also if you do continue the story, please do it continuing in gray's POV