Abnormalities in a Broken Society

Abnormalities in a Broken Society

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AnjeT23 By AnjeT23 Updated Nov 23, 2019

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you breaking news!

An Abnormal has escaped from her containment facility.
She is believed to be highly powerful and extremely dangerous. If you see her, contact the appropriate authorities immediately. Do not, and I repeat, do not approach this individual. We have been told that she is extremely aggressive and will attack anyone who gets in her way, we_"

I switch the T.V off with a sigh, frowning at the blank screen in annoyance. They could at least use a better photo of me.  With another sigh, I place the remote on the soft, blue couch and return to the dining room. There the family whom this house belongs to were waiting.  They stared at the plates of food in front of them, their faces slack and their eyes glazed over. I fell into an empty chair and smiled at them. 
"Right, where were we?" 


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