The Forbidden Mark (Book 1)

The Forbidden Mark (Book 1)

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Book 1 in the Redemption Series.

<Takes place in 1990> when everything was entirely different in the werewolf land>


I shut my locker, only to jump when I found Thomas leaning against the locker next to mine. "Hey, tutor."


"Hey, tutor girl," he greeted me with a big smile.

My eyes widened. "Excuse me? What are you talking about?"

"You're my new tutor."

"What the fućk?" I immediately covered my mouth as the words escaped it, since it was my first time using strong language.

Thomas smirked. "Wow. Princess uses such foul language."

"I-I didn't-"

"No problem, Princess." I was frozen as he walked over to me, stopping when he was by my side, our arms touching. I could feel the heat coming from him, which made me take an intake of breath. "But just know that the next time you use such foul words then I won't hesitate to clean your mouth."


The first time I met Thomas, I knew that he would be the guy I could imagine myself being with.

The second time I met him, I knew that I could fall madly in love with him.

The third time that we met, I knew that he was going to be so damn important to me.

The fourth time that we met, I knew that we were forbidden.

As the meetings flashed by, I began to discover new things that I was supposed to know.

And the hundred time I met him, I knew that we were doomed.

But it was a risk that we were both willing to take.


Started: 12. 12. 2018
Ended: On-going

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