In Love With A Criminal

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Scruffy Gurl By ScruffyGurll Updated 3 years ago
These are words written in a way that shows that am trying to express myself to the reader... I really hope you like it.. Pls read nd comment nd pls vote *grinz*
Loved the emotions flowing the poem..  2nd line 'and' is not complete. <3it :D
The anguish and pain could be felt but you could add more to it...maybe there is the need of using the right word.....some words say a lot. In all, it was nice:)
That's really sad. I knew a girl with an abusive bf.
                                    It's 100% true?
I agree that not many people voice their pain. Anyway, there was a couple mistakes but all-in-all it was a good poem. By the way, I like the poems cover.
There are a lot of spelling errors and it needs editing. Proper nouns are always capitalized. You use to much punctuation at the end of a sentence and writing in all caps.
Its really nice and sad too. Nice writing style! keep up the good work.