I Should've Kissed You //Cameron Dallas//

I Should've Kissed You //Cameron Dallas//

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"There's too many girls in the world to stick to one" He shrugs. "I haven't found the right person and if I mistake someone for the right person I don't want to get heart broken" He adds.

Madison Hamilton never expected to fall for the one and only Cameron Dallas, a typical jerk and player at her school. But after spending 3 days on a boat with his family she wonders if he only said he liked her because no one else was there.

Madison tries to move on with Cameron but the only thing Cameron can think about was, "I should've kissed you". He kept asking himself what if I kissed her? Would she like me now? Why was she dating someone else? Did she not like me? What if I told her sooner? What if I didn't ignore her the day we got back?

Cameron Dallas and Madison Hamilton go through weeks and months with not knowing what the other is feeling. And they don't know that their both in love with each other.

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When someone uses your name in a story 😎like yassssssssssssss
When my fav songs are played in malls me and my friends normally play with the plastic models or snapchat ourselves dancing around and ppl looking at us as if we're crazy😂
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The music part only I don't really enjoy dogs they are ok but not my First choice
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